From the Ashes: Memorial Gems and Crystals

For those of us who want to scatter the remains, but want to still keep some back as a memento of those we’ve lost, there are other options other than the traditional urn. While thumbprint jewelry and other memorial jewelry exist, for those who want something a little more subtle, there are memorial gems and crystals. This unique jewelry allows you to create a beautiful memorial of your loved one. This style of cremation jewelry will instantly become an heirloom for generations to come.

This option is becoming more and more popular among memorial options by creating a one of a kind memorial of the loved one who has passed. Cremation gems are lab grown and include the ashes in the process. All sorts of crystals and gemstones can be made this way, including diamonds! While a more expensive option, there is no doubt that it is an extremely unique option to memorialize someone. Additionally, creating a cremation diamond is a long process and can take upwards to a year to create. Unlike memorial diamonds, the crystals are made by infusing a combination of glass with the ashes, and while it makes a crystal that is softer than diamond, they do normally hold up extremely well, thus letting the memorial jewelry become an heirloom if you so choose. When working with a funeral director who offers this service, each piece is created by hand and is given a personal touch with your specifications in mind.

Whether you go with a piece of cremation jewelry to have a subtle memorial option for your loved one or you go with the more traditional memorial urn or scattering, Memorial Gallery is honored to serve your family.

8 Beautiful Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

It is always hard to say goodbye to a loved one, when they’ve been with you for so long, it’s hard to think of life without them. Everything you see or do, you see them in it. Everyone always says that the hardest part of grief is letting the person go. However, even though their physical presence may be gone, there are different ways in which you can honor their memory, here are some options you can consider.

Tree Memorials

With the rise in popularity of cremations, greenĀ  memorial options are becoming more widely available. One such style are biodegradable urns that are also starter planters for a tree. Most of these come with different tree seeds in them so you can pick and choose which one you feel would best memorialize your loved one.

Blooming Memorials

Like the tree memorials talked about above, there are also options such as seed embedded memorials that contain perennial seeds. This living tribute can be a favorite flower that the person enjoyed, and can be passed out to friends and family so they all have the ability to create a personal memorial for the deceased.

Memorial Web Site

Additionally, if you wanted to build something online, you can create a memorial website for the deceased. This could be used as a repository for photos as well as favorite memories of the person. There are many different internet providers that have free space for websites.

Memorial Jewelry

As we’ve written about in the past, memorial jewelry is becoming a very popular memorial option for the surviving family members. This can range from fingerprint and photo jewelry or can even be gem jewelry that is made from the cremation ashes. Additionally, many companies will also create custom jewelry that with your input can create the best memorial for your loved one.


A good way to remember someone can also be to help others. Volunteering to be a grief counselor, or setting up a charity or fund in their name for a cause they supported can sometimes be the best way to memorialize something by helping contribute to something they loved.

A Memorial Bench

Whether it is in your local park, or just in your backyard, making a memorial bench for your loved one can give you the support and rest you need during your time of grief. If you would like to create a memorial bench in your local park, you should find out if your local municipality has a program to do that.

Memorial Album

Like the website, you can ask family and friends to donate pictures or stories to create a memorial album of your loved one. This will help create a physical memorial that can be looked through to remember them.

Garden Tribute

If you feel up to it, creating a memorial garden is another alternative for memorializing your loved one. You can create a flower garden to which all forms of life can come and feed off the flowers or stay as a safe haven and just place a plaque saying whatever it is you want to say to memorialize your loved one.

Losing a loved one is never easy to come to terms with. However, by memorializing their life and love it can help you be proactive and honor the person you lost and help you on your own path while you work through your grief.


Fingerprint Jewelry: A Personal and Poignant Memorial

Fingerprints are like snowflakes, no two are the same. And when they are gone, there will never again be another. Capture the unique fingerprint or paw-print of a loved one as an enduring symbol of all that made them unique and special.

Okay, so lets say you’ve decided to have a piece of fingerprint jewelry created for you. Now what? Step number one is to capture a high-quality print. Remember that the detail of the finished piece of jewelry will be limited by the quality of the fingerprint provided. There are three ways to capture prints.

First, there is the good old fashioned ink print. Any black ink pad will work. Remember that a light touch with a moderate amount of ink produces the best prints. Take several impressions until you achieve the result you are looking for. To submit ink prints, scan them at the highest resolution you can, attach them to an email and send them to us.

The second method to capture a print is to use a digital scanner designed specifically for this purpose. Most funeral homes have these devices and are happy to take a print at little or no charge. The quality of the print produced by these scanners is very good. The scanner will produce a graphic file that can be emailed to us.

The third way to capture prints is by taking a high-resolution close-up photo. This is the best way to capture the paw-prints and nose-prints of pets. It does not work well for people prints. They lack the contrast necessary to separate the print elements from the surrounding area.

No matter how you take the prints, it is a good idea to send several options. The person who will be working with your prints is a skilled and experienced professional graphic artist and print making technician. They will pick out the print that will produce the best finished product.

We hope you have found this helpful. If you have any questions about personalized fingerprint jewelry please give us a call or shoot us an email.

We look forward to working with you!