Alternative Memorials: Biodegradable Urns

A while back, we posted about some alternative ways to memorialize a loved one. On that list included using some biodegradable urns that also act as planters for flowers or trees. With cremation rising in popularity, people are looking for ways to honor their loved one’s memory in a way that would be fitting to them. While some still consider using the traditional urn, others have begun to look for greener ways to create a living memorial for those that have passed. Here are some greener options for those who are looking to create a lasting memorial outside of the traditional methods.

Bio Urn Tree PlanterBio Urns

Bio urns are a style of biodegradable urns that also contain seeds to different breeds of trees, or can be customized to include a flower or plant that your loved one enjoyed. These urns usually come as simple containers that look like outdoor seed starters. This style of “green” urns are a great way to honor someone who loved the outdoors with a beautiful plant in their memory. For example, the Back to Nature Bio Urn, is one such bio urn that also acts as a planter. While it comes with a pine tree seed, they recommend that you go to your local nursery to find something that is more suited to honoring the person you wish to memorialize along with making sure that it has a chance to thrive in the climate you’re located in.

Forget-Me-Not flower memorial

“Forget Me Not” Biodegradable Urns

Additionally, there is the option of forget-me-not paper urns. These urns are small, shaped paper urns that contain perennial seeds within them, usually forget-me-nots. You can usually include a small amount of the ashes in with these paper urns, and hand them out at the funeral service to friends and family so that they can plant them and honor the person’s memory with a beautiful flower. Additionally, it is a cost-sensitive alternative to the traditional urn, or to other styles of biodegradable or scattering urns.

Sea Salt Urns

Finally, if you are planning on scattering the ashes at sea, there are urns that you can use that will dissolve into the water and not create a biological issue. This style of biodegradable urns are made from sea salt, so they are completely natural and leave no footprint or problems behind. Sea salt urns are a great option to consider when considering a scattering funeral service for the ashes. Instead of pouring out the ashes and possibly having them blown back onto the boat or onto the mourners, this keeps the cremains contained while still providing an honorable and heartfelt memorial.