Rise of Cremation Rates Creates New Memorial Options

I’ve heard many different reasons why cremation rates are on the rise. From shifting demographics to the increasing transient nature of our society. However, looking for the root cause has not lead to a solution, what needs to change is the perception of why this shift is happening. Families are not looking for the cheapest or most extravagant option but are looking for the option that will give them the most value from their own perspective. The challenge for the memorial industry comes from the consumer not knowing what they want or need when it comes to memorial options, which, in turn, makes them focus on price.

A Shift to Cremation

Up until 1965, cremation had stayed steady at a rate of about 4% per year. Since then, the rate of cremation has since skyrocketed to around 40% per year, and is predicted to reach nearly 60% by 2025. Numerous factors have contributed to this rise in cremation, most notably are the increased economic restraints on most families. With funeral costs rising higher and higher, people are looking for an alternative that allows them to celebrate their loved one’s life and honor their memory.

New Memorial Options

Angel Wing Cremation Jewelry Pendant

With this shift towards more cremations, the options to personalize how you are memorialized has grown with it. While the standard cremation urn or vase used to showcase on a shelf is still available, other options have begun to appear as well. People have used the ashes to create cremation jewelry such as necklaces or rings, by having the ashes pressed into crystal or gems. They have also spawned more green alternatives in the form of biodegradable urns or being used as part of the soil in a tree planting. People have also had their loved one’s fingerprints etched into sterling silver or gold pendants that can be worn. However, those still looking for burial can do it

With the rise of cremation, it has given people more options to choose from in how they wish to be memorialized. This personal touch allows those looking for alternative ways of being remembered and won’t have to break the bank to do it. Additionally, this will allow them to choose something important to them and will have a lasting impact and stronger memory for the one’s they left behind.

Near Death Experiences: How they Affect You and Your Loved Ones

While passing on is part of the great mystery of life, Near-Death Experiences (NDE) can have just as profound an effect on the person as passing can on the loved ones left behind. Studies have shown that around 15% of the US’s population has experienced an NDE. Those who have had an NDE come back different, and have explained that they’ve changed in one way or another. Here are a few ways how a near-death experience can affect someone.

What is a Near-Death Experience?

First off, before we dive into the effects of a near-death experience, we must understand what it is. A near-death experience, according to IANDS, is a distinct, subjective experience that people sometimes report after a very close brush with death, otherwise known as a near-death episode. During one of these episodes, the person is either clinically dead, near death, or in a situation where death is likely or expected. This usually stems from serious illness or injury, such as from a car accident. However, people who have been dealing with a very deep level of grief, in meditation, or just going about their daily lives have also described experiences that seem just like NDEs.


The Types of Near-Death Experiences

Studies of those who have had a near-death experience has shown that there are two different types of experiences; A Pleasurable NDE and a Distressing NDE. Most experiences have been reported as a pleasurable NDE. It has been reported that those in the NDE have involved mostly feelings of love, joy, peace, and bliss. Conversely, those that have gone through a distressing near-death experience, have said that the experience contains a number of negative emotions such as terror, horror, anger, isolation, and guilt. However, both types have reported that the experience had an amplified level of realism.

Aftereffects of a Near-Death Experience

Those who have gone through a near-death experience have claimed that their lives were changed forever by what happened in their experience. However, the same studies have shown that those who came back from an NDE were not just returning with a new love of life and a new spiritual outlook, but has significant psychological and physiological changes.

Psychological changes can take many forms, including changing in perception of attachments and societal norms. Family members of someone who has had an near-death experience, have reported that they have become more aloof, and sometimes have been seen as uncaring or unloving, due to a change in perception of relationships. Another psychological change is that NDE people have a change in a sense of time, they tend to, “go with the flow” and don’t make future plans and can sometimes see them as irrelevant when compared to doing something in the now.

Physiological changes can take the form of increased light and sound sensitivity, which in the most extreme cases, can require lifestyle changes. There have also been reports of substantial increases or decreases in energy as well as an increase in sensitivity to processed foods along with a change in diet.

All of these physiological and psychological changes can be extremely scary for family members and loved ones of someone who has had a near-death experience. However, all you can be is patient and loving. They will need you in the days, months, and years to come after this experience.

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