Glass + Ash = Beautiful Cremation Pendants

Take a look at these gorgeous glass pendants… These works of art, measuring approximately 1.25 inches by 1 inch, are a unique melding of colored glass, metal and cremains.  The pictures do not do them justice.  The depth of the colors are truly striking.  The artist, Henry Duquette, has been blowing glass for 10 years and is in the process of patenting his process of incorporating glass and cremains while eliminating the natural formation of bubbles, to create one-of-a–kind pendants and keepsakes.

Henry uses Pyrex glass, which unlike other “soft” glass, is hard.  The result is a very resilient piece that does not shatter.  (Although he does guarantee his pieces for the lifetime of the recipient).  Very ethically responsible, Duquette employs the same protocol used by crematories to isolate cremains in order to prevent the co-mingling of ashes.

This artist’s beautiful spirit is evidenced by not only his works of art but also his generosity.  He offers free pendants to immediate family members who lost a loved one post 911 that was a service man or woman acting in the line of duty.  His program extends to all service members-EMT’s, fire-fighters, police officers, military and canines.  His only request is that in return for this pendant he receive a newspaper clipping or obituary and a photo of the deceased, as he keeps his own memorial photo book of these fallen heroes.

The finishing touch is your loved one’s name on the back of the keepsake in 22K gold. As opposed to an urn that will likely, in years to come, be put away in a closet, these keepsakes can be passed down from generation to generation- a beautiful memorial keeping alive the memories of this lost life.

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